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Automated Calling Surveys

Automatic calling surveys can be developed and processed using technology from Database Systems Corp. Phone surveys can be developed quickly and at an affordable price using our advanced telephone survey software.

What Are Calling Surveys?

    "Automated calling surveys collect information from individuals by phone without human interaction. These calls can be both inbound (caller initiated) or outbound (computer system initiated). Typically an IVR is used to prompt the caller with questions and responses are indicated by the respondent using telephone keypad responses (DTMF) or by speaking into the phone and having the response recorded for later analysis."
Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been developing computer related technology products since 1978. These products are specific to the call center and telecommunications industry and DSC specializes in call center phone systems and services.

DSC provides simple to complex calling surveys using internally developed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software. Inbound call surveys can be processed using this phone application. Outbound calling surveys can likewise be initiated using voice broadcasting phone messages to respondents who can make phone keypad selections to opt into the survey.

Our outbound survey calling systems contact prospects and play an introductory message. The potential call survey respondent is given several options to select from using an IVR prompting system. One of the options is to take this telephone survey. Others may include the option to leave a voice message or talk with one of your representatives. Finally the respondent is given an option to simply decline to participate in the phone survey.

The phone survey can be programmed to accept phone keypad responses or can simply record each question response for later transcription and analysis.

Contact DSC to learn more about our complete calling survey technology and outsourcing services.

Calling Survey Features

Our automated phone survey software and phone system can be highly customized to meet your organization's survey requirements. DSC provides an experienced professional staff that can design and program your surveys. If you wish to develop your own surveys, we provide the training and tools to accomplish this. Here are just a few of the features that make our call survey software stand out from the rest.

  • Randomized Questioning
  • Unlimited Recorded Digit Responses
  • Unlimited Recorded Voice Responses
  • Unlimited Phone Interview Questions & Responses
  • Unlimited Phone Menu Branching
  • Customized Summary Reports
  • Interview Question Time-out Feature
  • Text To Speech Data Question Insertion
  • Transfer Respondent To a Live Interviewer


"Medtronic is the world leader in medical technology providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic disease. Medtronic offers products, therapies and services that enhance or extend the lives of millions of people. Each year, 5 million patients benefit from Medtronic's technology which is used to treat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, and vascular illnesses." - www.medtronic

Medtronic selected Database Systems Corp. to provide business phone answering services along with our call survey scripts. Medtronic employees call an 800 number hosted at our call center. Callers enter an employee identification number on the phone keypad and listen to the current week's medical process or procedure. The employee then takes a short test and answers several questions to ensure that the training and information is properly understood. This procedure is performed automatically over the phone using touch phone key responses.

Calling Survey Hosted Services

The following features are included with our automated call survey programs:

  • Your Own 800 Number
  • Customized Survey Programming
  • Simple To Complex Survey Routing
  • Database Access and Update
  • Unlimited Survey Questions
  • Website and Server Data Access
  • Text To Speech Converter
  • Call Recording and Retrieval Service
  • Professional Voice Prompts
  • Outside Phone Transfer Upon Completion
  • Online Reporting
  • Much More....

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