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Phone Survey Software

Creating automatic phone surveys is now an easier task using software development from Database Systems Corp. (DSC). Since 1978, DSC has been developing computer software applications while providing computer phone related technology particularly for the telecommunications industry. DSC products range from IVR (interactive voice response) and voice broadcasting software. DSC has also created a wide range of phone systems and provides customer related services.

Simple to complex phone survey applications can be created using DSC's IVR survey software. Inbound telephone surveys can be processed using this application. Outbound phone surveys can likewise be initiated by sending phone survey calls to respondents.

To assist clients in the development of phone surveys, DSC provides a Phone Survey Generator. This program allows users to develop simple surveys in just minutes.

Automated surveys can be programmed to accept phone keypad responses or can simply record each question response for later transcription and analysis.

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Sample Phone Survey

DSC has developed a wide variety of phone survey applications. These include real-time monitoring applications which are a part of our automated telephone survey. These displays are available as the phone campaign progressively calls your clients. Problem areas can be immediately recognized and actions taken during the progress of the survey.

Delivery Notification Progress

This display demonstrates some of the application features developed for the Yellow Pages client referenced below. Each route is monitored as calls are made to residents within each assigned route. When the designated number of verified deliveries has been met, the calling campaign will immediately cease for homes within this specific route.

Yellow Book - Phone Survey Client

"Founded in 1930, Yellow Book USA is the oldest and largest independent yellow pages publisher in America, with more than 500 directories serving consumers across 42 states and the District of Columbia.

At Yellow Book USA, our core values drive everything we do. We believe that if you can help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want. This holds true for the way we approach our customers, as well as the way we treat our valued Yellow Book team members."

Our robo surveys help Yellow Book USA track the delivery of its phone books. Households in specific delivery routes are automatically called using our voice broadcasting system. Our phone survey system is used to sample a few homes in each delivery zone by calling Yellow Book clients to ensure the proper delivery of the phone books.

Phone Survey Software Features

Our automated survey software and phone system can be highly customized to meet your organization's survey requirements. DSC provides an experienced professional staff that can design and program your surveys. If you wish to develop your own surveys, we provide the training and tools to accomplish this. Here are just a few of the features that make our phone survey software stand out from the rest.

  • Unlimited Recorded Voice Responses
  • Unlimited Phone Interview Questions & Responses
  • Unlimited Phone Menu Branching
  • Customized Summary Reports
  • Randomized Questioning
  • Unlimited Recorded Digit Responses
  • Interview Question Time-out Feature
  • Text To Speech Data Question Insertion
  • Transfer Respondent To a Live Interviewer

Phone Survey Hosted Services

The following features are included with our phone survey programs:

  • Your Own 800 Number
  • Customized Survey Programming
  • Simple To Complex Survey Routing
  • Database Access and Update
  • Unlimited Survey Questions
  • Website and Server Data Access
  • Text To Speech Converter
  • Call Recording and Retrieval Service
  • Professional Voice Prompts
  • Outside Phone Transfer Upon Completion
  • Online Reporting
  • Much More....

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